Second Grade is “Coming to America”

Dressed in t-shirts adorned with international flags and symbols, New Garden Elementary School’s second grade students presented songs, reports, and brochures reflecting their study of Coming to America. It was a month devoted to a study of foreign countries and the life-changing journeys of immigrants coming to America.

With a focus on non-fiction text, the students secured interesting facts and data and shared this information through reports and brochures. During music classes, the children practiced a variety of songs from the countries they studied, and, with the help of parent volunteers, painted white t-shirts  with the flags of many different lands. The culminating activity was a presentation for parents followed by ever popular snacks. The multi-generational smiles throughout each classroom were a fine tribute to a job well done!

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Who Doesn’t Love a Bingo Night?

Bingo Night at New Garden Elementary School was a major success with more than 300 families coming out to play Bingo and win prizes. Five baskets were raffled off and many students went home with nice gifts that they won. Many teachers participated in the evening’s activities by either calling numbers or playing Bingo.

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STEM Activity at Christiana Skating Rink

New Garden Elementary School’s third grade students had a very unique educational experience at the Christiana Skating Center in Newark, Delaware. STEM experts at the rink explained concepts of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics allowing students to have a hands-on learning experience while having fun. The students learned concepts tied to geometry, friction, reverse engineering, and design while working on taking apart and rebuilding roller skates. After the lesson, students were able to spend time roller skating while reinforcing the concepts they learned. Overall, it was an exciting and fun learning experience. Thank you, Christiana Skating Center! We will certainly be back soon!

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Math Olympiad

Weekly, several students meet before school to participate in Math Olympiad with Mrs. Mary Ella Verdes. These students are deep thinkers and problem solvers. Math Olympiad is an international contest that promotes:

  • an enthusiasm for problem solving and mathematics;
  • a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts and strengthen ability to use these concepts;
  • a consideration of concepts that students might not otherwise encounter;
  • intellectually stimulating mental activities; and
  • a stronger foundation for assessments and for future mathematics studies.

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The Franklin Institute Visits New Garden Elementary School

Recently Mr. John from the Franklin Institute presented an assembly called “Life in Space” to students at New Garden Elementary School. His presentation answered several essential questions such as, How do you get people into space? What do they do once they get there? How do we get them safely back to earth once they are done? This presentation engaged the students and there was lots of audience participation.

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New Garden Students Celebrate 100 Days of School

New Garden Elementary School students celebrated 100 days of learning by participating in activities centered around the number 100. In Mrs. Kimberly Hall’s first grade class, her students paired up with Mr. Troy Harris’s fifth grade class to complete 100th day STEM activities. In addition, many students and teachers came to school dressed as if they were 100 years old. It was a day filled with learning and fun.

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New Garden Host the Wizards’ Pep Rally

On a chilly winter morning, things really heated up at New Garden Elementary School with a pep rally from a member of the Harlem Wizards. All students and staff were encouraged to wear yellow and purple. One student went even further and got purple and yellow braces! The Wizards’ player, DJ, hyped up the audience and encouraged everyone to attend the Harlem Wizards versus KCSD staff basketball game. All proceeds from this game will benefit Kennett High School’s MiniTHON, a club based on Penn State’s THON, in their effort to support research research for pediatric cancer.

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Fifth Grade Visits Chester County Technical College High School

New Garden Elementary School’s fifth grade students enjoyed their hands-on visit at Chester County Technical College High School where each student received an overview of the more than twenty different programs available at the school. The students were also given the opportunity to jump right into the activities at some of the programs. Some examples included fixing small engines, caring for animals, baking, cooking, working with wood, experience the world of hair and make-up, learning police procedures, caring for young children, trying their hand at HVAC and refrigeration, and learning about different health careers. In each of these areas our students got right into the action – putting on safety gear and learning how to use the tools and equipment. The goal of the visit was to expose students to a variety of career choices for which training can begin in high school. New Garden Elementary School would like to thank the staff and students of the Chester County Technical College High School for a memorable field trip.

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KHS MiniThon Hosts KCSD Faculty vs. Harlem Wizards Game

The Kennett High School Mini-Thon raises money for children with pediatric cancer and is modeled on the Penn State THON philosophy. This year, to raise money, the group will be hosting a basketball game. Members of the Kennett Consolidated School District faculty will play the Harlem Wizards at Kennett High School on February 10 at 6:00 pm. Come out and support a great cause! For more information, please see the flyer below.

Mini-Thon-Letter-Harlem-Wizards (1).

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