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Don’t miss your opportunity to purchase a New Garden Elementary School Yearbook!

Orders are due by April 3. You can pay online by going to and entering code 3395517. Or, you can send in cash or a check (made payable to New Garden Elementary School) in a yearbook envelope. If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Kristi Pizzini (

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Second Grade is “Coming to America”

Dressed in t-shirts adorned with international flags and symbols, New Garden Elementary School’s second grade students presented songs, reports, and brochures reflecting their study of “Coming to America.” It was a month devoted to a study of foreign countries and the life-changing journeys of immigrants coming to America.

With a focus on non-fiction text, the students secured interesting facts and data, shared individual reports and brochures. During music classes, the children practiced a variety of songs from the countries they studied, and with the help of parent volunteers simple white t-shirts were painted with the flags of many different lands. The culminating activity was a presentation for parents followed by ever popular snacks. The multi-generational smiles throughout each classroom were a fine tribute to a job well done!

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Philadelphia…Here Comes the Fifth Grade!

One of the traditions of New Garden Elementary School’s fifth grade is the trip to Philadelphia to discover the city’s rich history. The students visited Betsy Ross’s house, learned about William Penn, and visited the a Quaker Meeting House. Here are photos from their day in the city.

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Delaware Children’s Theater Visits New Garden

New Garden Elementary School had the privilege of seeing a performance by the Delaware Children’s Theater. The shows centered around Alice, who was upset because her teddy bear stopped talking to her. Along the way, she recruits the assistance of the Mad Hatter (who was really no help at all) and other characters from Fairy Tale Land, including the pink fairy and a real-life princess! Not only was the performance a special treat, but a former New Garden Elementary School student was part of the show. For more information about the Delaware Children’s Theater, as well as a schedule of upcoming shows, visit

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Third Grade’s Authors’ Toast

Mrs. Gina Brodie’s and Ms. Carol Davidson’s third grade classes held an “Authors’ Toast,” where they toasted someone who has inspired their writing. After the toast,  they walked around and read each others’ narratives and wrote positive comments on a form. Everyone had a great time.

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New Garden Elementary School Students Raise Money for Those in Need

What started as a dream turned into a life-changing experience for two students at New Garden Elementary School.

Charlie and Brandt smiling.

Fifth grade students and best friends, Brandt Berger and Charlie Westphal have always known they wanted to make a difference and help others. So when they began talking about what they could do, Brandt and Charlie decided to call upon their school and classmates to join together and change the world.

Together, Charlie and Brandt developed the Sunglasses Fundraiser, a two-week event that invited students to donate money to a homeless shelter. As a reward, students who donated were allowed to wear their craziest sunglasses to school the next day.

“We just wanted to help people,” Brandt says. “Helping people is one of the greatest things we can do.”

Brandt is right—one the most valuable lessons children can learn is the importance of helping others who are less fortunate. At New Garden Elementary School, this value is taught every day. From schoolwide fundraisers to inspirational morning announcements, the New Garden Elementary School staff and Principal Mrs. Susan McArdle are dedicated to creating an environment that encourages students to be the best that they can be.

“Brandt and Charlie are inspirational young men,” says Mrs. McArdle. “When they reached out to me and explained that they wanted to organize a schoolwide fundraiser to help others, I was honored. I sat down with them and gave them the framework of how a fundraiser works, and they were off!”

With the help of their classmates, Charlie and Brandt raised $289.34 to be donated to His Mission Inc., a homeless shelter located in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania.

Charlie and Brandt’s service project is now inspiring other students to help the less fortunate. Two students, who were inspired by Charlie and Brandt’s Sunglasses Fundraiser, are now organizing New Garden Elementary School’s next service project, happening this January.

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Mrs. McArdle’s Writers’ Luncheon

Every month, Mrs. McArdle holds a writers’ luncheon. During this time, students share their writing pieces with each other. Students love coming to this event and offering feedback to each other. Many styles of writing are shared each month.

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