Mrs. Sarah Hannagan’s Classes Makes Sundials

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Mrs. Sarah Hannagan’s 5th grade classes have been studying Earth Science. To further peak their interests, over the weekend, students were asked to create a sundial. A sundial, the earliest type of timekeeping device, indicates the time of day by the position of the shadow of some object exposed to the sun’s rays. As the pictures detail, you can actually use one of these sundials to tell the time of day.

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Fifth Grade’s Trimester Goals

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At the beginning of the trimester, the fifth grade teachers all decided on some reading and math trimester goals for the grade level. Every student who met the reading or math goal, was given a raffle ticket to win a fabulous prize. In addition to the academic goals, each class picked 5 BARK BUCK winners for the trimester and they each also received a raffle ticket. The students had no idea that there would be a raffle for reaching a goal and were all very intrinsically motivated. 

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Coming to America Project in Second Grade

New Garden Elementary School’s second grade students recently presented songs, reports, and brochures reflecting their study of Coming to America. It was a month devoted to a study of foreign countries and the life-changing journeys of immigrants coming to America.

With a focus on non-fiction text, the students secured interesting facts and data, and shared this information with their peers. The culminating activity was a presentation for parents. The multi-generational smiles throughout each classroom were a fine tribute to a job well done!

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