A Message from Our Principal, Ms. Elizabeth Weaver

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Dear New Garden Families,

As we end Teacher Appreciation Week and the first week of May, I find myself sitting and reflecting on this school year. This has been a year filled with many successes as well as challenges as we continue to navigate COVID 19, but here we are having completed our first online state testing for grade 3, 4, and 5, and a Reading Olympics competition, preparing for chorus and orchestra concerts, planning field day, planning some off- site trips, and so much more. I sit in awe as our entire New Garden Family- students, teachers, staff, and parents continue to come together to support one another to ensure that all students meet success. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart as we finish this school year strong knowing that we walk this journey together!

Below you will find a link to a calendar of events for May and June! Specific information about each event will be sent separately as the time approaches through Talking Points by your child’s teacher and will be posted on our website.

Once again, I thank you for allowing me to a part of your child’s story! We are in this together!

Have a wonderful and safe weekend!

NG Calendar

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Mrs. Kaely Johnson’s Mock Trial

Mrs. Johnson’s third grade class held a mock trial last week to learn about the Judicial Branch of our government. The case was Brandon vs. The Acme Bike Company. Students had different parts including judge, lawyers, witnesses, court tip staff, defendants, and jury. One student even made a judge’s gavel out of cardboard and a hot glue gun. They had fun and learned a ton about the government!

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Fifth Grade Roanoke Escape Room

The fifth graders recently did an extensive study of the Roanoke Colony. Students tried to discover what actually happened to this colony since historians have many contradicting theories. At the culmination of their study, students participated in an “escape room.” They had to decode messages and examine clues about what actually happened at Roanoke. The average time to “escape” was about 40 minutes. This was a creative way the 5th grade teachers decided to reinforce the key concepts of the social studies unit.

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Ms. Megan Cziraky’s Class Explores the Planets

Ms. Cziraky’s class had a fun time exploring the solar system during their studies in science class. This was a mini project that the students wanted to explore since many students had a wealth of knowledge about the planets. Each student created a flip book with a plethora of new discoveries uncovered from extensive research.

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