Third Annual International Family Night

New Garden Elementary School’s PTO supports and plans many activities and events for the school’s students. One event, the Third Annual International Family Night, recently welcomed more than one hundred seventy people to an amazing display of cultures and diversity. A couple of years ago, New Garden’s PTO recognized the richness of backgrounds in our school community and endeavored to bring the school together for a free family event to share in the food, games, and entertainment of the various cultures. This year, fifteen different countries were represented, including the Philippines, Spain, Canada, Ireland, Australia, Germany, Mexico, China and India. New Garden families brought in amazing foods like Koshary from Egypt, Mac & Cheese from America, Taletina Na Safte from Croatia, Cheese Flan from Puerto Rico, and Tarallas, Pizzelles and Meatballs from Italy, to name a few.

In addition to the activities and food, performances by Fusion-Taals, a local Indian dance group, shared the traditional Indian dance Garba as well as intricate footwork and spins of the Indian classical dance form Kathak. Later in the evening, an amazing Enzian Volkstanzgruppe (German Dance Group), shared traditional folk dances and encouraged many families to dance with them. The evening ended with Enzian Musikanten (German Dance Band) playing a mix of traditional German music. Students had an opportunity to take passport photos, as well as, the option to send a postcard to their loved ones from the event featuring all of the different destinations around the world that were represented on this evening. New Garden’s PTO hopes to continue this tradition and for the event to gain further popularity among our school community. It was a wonderful evening and everyone became more culturally enriched.