A Message from Our Principal, Mrs. Elizabeth Weaver

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Please read this important message from Mrs. Weaver.

December 2021

Dear New Garden Families,

I hope this letter finds you well and enjoying this festive time of year.

As our students head into a break from school, I want to provide a few suggestions.

Winter vacation gives students a break from coming to school, but it doesn’t need to be a break from learning and growing. By taking a little time to read every day, your children will maintain the skills that they have worked hard to build this fall. Also talking with you is a good way to encourage your child’s curiosity and intellect. I understand that many children would prefer to play video games or watch TV, but research tells us that too much screen time is not good for them. Board games, music, puzzles and time playing outside are good alternatives when it is time to turn off the TV and put the tablet down.

Like all parents, you want the best for your child. You can help him/her be happy and healthy with these tips:

  1. Make sure your child reads every day, 15 or 20 minutes is enough.
  2. Limit screen time, no more than 2 hours a day. Encourage children to play other kinds of games and to play with each other.
  3. Talk to your children; having conversations with parents and other caring adults will help their brains and their self-esteem grow.

One more reminder: I know that many of our students will receive wonderful gifts over the holidays. If you are planning to let your child bring his expensive, new, wonderful toy to school, I urge you to reconsider. It would be terribly sad if something happened to his/her wonderful new thing.

I hope you have a peaceful and joyous time with your family and friends this holiday season.


Elizabeth Weaver



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New Garden’s Walk-a-Thon 2021


Bulldogs…got their walking shoes ready for the fourth New Garden Walk-a-Thon this past Fall! It was a chance to have fun with friends, get fit, and help make New Garden Elementary School one awesome place to learn and have fun! One hundred percent of the money students raised will go directly to the school PTO to benefit our students. Every student received a paw print bracelet and every student who raised over $50 will get a New Garden water bottle.

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New Garden’s Book Fair, An Overwhelming Success

“The more you read, the more you know.”

Students always love going to the book fair, and to nurture this love, the New Garden Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) gave every student $5 towards any book. Every student had a great time choosing their book.

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Fire Safety Week at New Garden

Firemen came to visit New Garden Elementary School’s first grade students to teach them about fire safety during “Fire Safety Week.” The students got to see the inside of a fire truck and ambulance and learn about some of the important tools that they use.

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New Garden’s Scholastic Book Fair

It’s Scholastic Book Fair time! The in-person fair runs from November 18th through the morning of the November 23rd, but you can shop the online store until December 1st! Check out the Interactive Online Book Flier below, as paper copies are not being sent out this year.

Electronic Flyer

Looking to make buying easier for your child at our Book Fair? Check out this link to learn more about Scholastic’s eWallet!

Scholastic’s eWallet

The day and time that each class will visit the book fair is listed in the schedule below.

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Fifth Grade Team Building Activity

Two fifth grade classes, Mr. Troy Harris and Mrs. Gina Brodie, worked together these past weeks to create an almost 5 feet puzzle. Each student was given a puzzle piece to design creatively. The students knew that it would create an inspirational message when completed, but they had no idea what it would possibly say. One by one, each student came and placed their puzzle piece. The end result was a bright and colorful message that read “We Are Creative Thinkers.” This message definitely characterizes the two classes and shows that working collaboratively can improve classroom community and be fun as well.

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Third Grade Place Value Bootcamp

“Yes Drill Sergeant!” The 3rd Graders at New Garden participated in Place Value Bootcamp Day! Teacher drill sergeants came stomping into the classroom with camo gear and whistles ready to whip the Cadets’ place value skills into shape! Each Cadet received a number within 10,000 which they used for each drill. The drills consisted of building their number with base ten blocks and showing the standard, word, and expanded form of that number. The Cadets did jumping jacks, push-ups, and sit-ups for each digit in the ones, tens, hundreds, and thousands places. Everyone had a blast learning the Place Value Bootcamp Song as we marched around the classroom. The 3rd Grade Drill Sergeants are pleased to announce that all of their Cadets have graduated from Place Value Bootcamp! Way to go Cadets!

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Upcoming KCSD Vaccine Clinic

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All will be eligible to receive the Flu vaccine. Registrants aged 12 and over may also choose to receive a first or second dose of the COVID vaccine. Individuals who elect to receive both vaccines will get one in each arm or in different areas of the same arm.

To learn more and to register, please visit the Chester County Health Department (CCHD) website or call (610) 344-6225.

Please note, you will receive an email confirmation and additional consents to complete before your appointment.

Questions? Contact KMS School Nurse Diane Shannon dshannon@kcsd.org or 610-268-5874.

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