The New Garden Calming Center

Welcome to New Garden’s Calming Center. It is a collection of videos, activities, and resources that students can use to facilitate relaxation while at home during our school closures. Please click the link below to access.

The Calming Center

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It’s the Friday Before Spring Break… April 3, 2020

Welcome to WNG, All News, All the Time. I am Mrs. Diane Burke. Today is Friday, April 3, 2020. It is “F” day. Today’s weather is cloudy with a high of 53 degrees. Today’s special is music brought to you by Mr. Ryan Battin and Mr. Kyle Scheuing and you can find all the music activities by clicking below.

Music Activities

Remember to work on Quicktables and Aleks Pie! In addition remember to, READ, READ, READ. Oh, and don’t forget about your AR tests.

Congratulations to …

  1. Claire from Mrs. Rickett’s 1st grade class for completing her addition QuickTables!

Have a great day New Garden!

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Thursday, April 2, 2020

Good Morning!

Welcome to WNG, All News, All the Time. I’m Mr. Hess, along with Ms. Skopowski! Today is Thursday, April 2nd. It is E day. Today’s weather is mostly sunny and a high of 55 degrees. Today’s special activities are brought to you by Mr. Hess and Ms. Skopowski!

If you are looking for a creative science challenge, gather a variety of materials (try tissues, handkerchiefs, plastic bags, etc.) and see which ones make the best parachutes for a toy. Make sure you share on New Garden’s Facebook page or with your teacher what fun parachute designs you came up with! If you do not know where to start you can use this video link below to help you design your own parachute.

Napkin Parachute

Ms. Skopowski has shared a great art project for each grade level today. Use the link below to access her letter and directions. We can’t wait to see your finished artwork so please share.


Enjoy these fun activities! Remember to work on Quicktables and your ALEKS pie! In addition remember to read and take those AR test.

Have a great day New Garden!

Click on the link below to see suggested activities!


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