Jump Rope Club with Ms. Erika Smith & Ms. Kelly Faia

New Garden Elementary School’s Jump Rope Club is modeled after the American Heart Association’s Jump Rope for Heart event. The goal is for students to learn to take care of their heart by practicing different jump rope skills. Second and third grade students are invited to participate each year in this energizing after-school activity with first grade teachers Ms. Erika Smith and Mrs. Kelly Faia.

Each week students learn new skills, and continue to practice the tricks they learned in previous weeks. Students learn to jump using the individual, or short ropes, as well as the long rope. Some of the short rope skills include the side swing, skier, bell, jogger, and even a partner jump. On the long ropes, students learn to jump in and out, and also get a chance to try double-dutch. The kids also enjoy creating and naming their own unique tricks.