Read Across America Week at New Garden

Storybook Character Day was the culmination of an exciting Read Across America Week at New Garden Elementary School. Throughout the week, students participated in a multitude of fun activities centered around literacy. However, Storybook Character Day was by far the students’ favorite. The other theme days were:

  • Monday – “I’m Not Going to Get Up Today” and students wore pajamas.
  • Tuesday – “Beyond Zebra” day and students wore stripes.
  • Wednesday was “wacky” as all students were encouraged to wear their wackiest outfit.
  • Thursday was “Fox in Socks” day and students wore their favorite socks.
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Fifth Grade Philadelphia Trip

Fifth grade recently took a historical tour of Philadelphia. They visited historical places such as Betsy Ross’s house and the Liberty Bell. It was a day filled with fun and history. Students were also given a task to think about while in Philadelphia. Students had to use what they learned on this trip to think of a new name for the Philadelphia Flyers. This is the only sports team in Philadelphia that does not have a historical connection. This was a powerful learning experience.

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Second Grade’s “Coming to America” Program

Wearing t-shirts adorned with international flags and symbols, New Garden Elementary School’s second grade students presented songs, reports, and brochures reflecting their study of Coming to America. It was a month devoted to a study of foreign countries and the life-changing journeys of immigrants coming to America.

With a focus on non-fiction text, the students secured interesting facts and data, and shared this information with their peers. During music classes, the children practiced a variety of songs from the countries they studied and, with the help of parent volunteers, painted white t-shirts with the flags of many different lands. The culminating activity was a presentation for parents followed by snacks. The multi-generational smiles throughout each classroom were a fine tribute to a job well done!

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Math Escape Room

What better way to review math concepts and encourage fifth grade students to work collaboratively than to challenge them with an “escape classroom.” Using their detective reading skills, the students solved math clues that “unlocked” doors and allowed them to move throughout a series of math questions. By the time math class was over, approximately half the students had “escaped.”

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Who Doesn’t Love Bingo Night?

Bingo Night at New Garden Elementary School was a major success with more than 300 families coming out to play Bingo and win prizes. Five baskets were raffled off and many students went home with nice gifts that they won. Thank you to the many teachers who participated in the evening’s activities by either calling numbers or playing Bingo.

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Battlebots After School Club

New Garden Elementary School’s Battlebots is an engineering and robotics club for elementary students. It utilizes LEGO Mindstorms Robot Kits, allowing members to create and customize their very own robot. The club was started by Kennett High School/former New Garden Elementary School students James Burns, Braden Saathoff and Ryan Myers. The club focuses on STEM concepts, while also providing an entertaining and educational experience. After the students build their robots, they are pitted against each other in head-to-head duels, engaging teamwork and sportsmanship. It’s a chance to build your own creation and test it out in a way you’ve never done before.

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Jump Rope Club with Ms. Erika Smith & Ms. Kelly Faia

New Garden Elementary School’s Jump Rope Club is modeled after the American Heart Association’s Jump Rope for Heart event. The goal is for students to learn to take care of their heart by practicing different jump rope skills. Second and third grade students are invited to participate each year in this energizing after-school activity with first grade teachers Ms. Erika Smith and Mrs. Kelly Faia.

Each week students learn new skills, and continue to practice the tricks they learned in previous weeks. Students learn to jump using the individual, or short ropes, as well as the long rope. Some of the short rope skills include the side swing, skier, bell, jogger, and even a partner jump. On the long ropes, students learn to jump in and out, and also get a chance to try double-dutch. The kids also enjoy creating and naming their own unique tricks.

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New Garden’s Book Fair a Overwhelming Success

“The more you read, the more you know.”

Students always love going to the book fair, and to nurture this love, the New Garden Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) gave every student $5 towards any book. Every student had a great time choosing their book.

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Harlem Wizards at Kennett High School

Many New Garden Elementary School families came out for a night of family fun as KCSD teachers and administrators played the Harlem Wizards in Kennett High School’s Reynolds Gymnasium. The Wizards are a performance basketball team that is not primarily focused on winning games, but instead on entertaining the crowd with a variety of basketball tricks and alley oops.

All proceeds from the game benefited Kennett High School’s MiniTHON, a club based on Penn State’s THON that raises funds to support Four Diamonds, an organization dedicated to funding research for childhood cancer and helping affected families with the cost of treatment.

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