Second Grade Visits Winterthur

New Garden Elementary School’s second grade students enjoyed a trip to Winterthur Museum. They learned many interesting things as you can see from the pictures below. For more information at this museum, please click on this link below.

Winterthur Museum

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New Garden Hosts Family Literacy Night

New Garden Elementary School students in grades first through fifth took part in the school’s Family Literacy Night, hosted by Title I. During the evening, students and their parents engaged in several comprehension and decoding activities. Teachers modeled the activities and shared strategies with parents with the goal of increasing reading at home. Teachers, students, and parents took this opportunity to talk about reading, practice important reading skills, and build a joy for life-long literacy. Toward the end of the night, students were able to take their activities home and pick out a “just right book” with their parent(s).

Family Literacy Night is an important night to our students and their families. At New Garden Elementary School we strive to meet the needs of all of our students and provide the best learning opportunities that we can. A special thanks to all the teachers, families, interpreters, and our Kennett High School volunteers for helping make this night a success for everyone!

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Avondale Fire Department Visits New Garden

Avondale Fire Dept 23 visited New Garden Elementary School’s first grade to teach about fire safety during the students unit on Community Helpers and Fire Safety and Prevention. Students learned about calling 9-1-1 during an emergency, having safe spots and at least 2 exits to get out during a fire, and what firemen wear so they know who to look for in an emergency. The students also learned about the different fire trucks and ambulances, and were able to climb aboard each to get a look inside at the end of their visit with the firefighters and EMTs. New Garden Elementary School is thankful to have such amazing heroes and community helpers right down the road whenever we need them!

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Ms. Skopowski’s Art Club

This year’s Art Club consists of third, fourth, and fifth grade students who have a passion for art and enjoy doing projects outside of the classroom. This fall they made paper-mâché pumpkins, clay leaf prints, and water-color spider webs. Club members are looking forward to helping decorate for this year’s book fair. The club has more than 50 members, which necessitates splitting the club into two groups for double the fun! ​

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