Crime Victims Center of Chester County Visits New Garden

The Crime Victims Center of Chester County (CVC) visited New Garden Elementary School to discuss internet bullying and internet safety. Representatives from CVC visited third, fourth and fifth grade classes. Topics of discussion included safe places to click on while internet surfing, things that the students should not share online, and what the students should to do if they get an uncomfortable message while online. It was a valuable visit for the students.

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Second Grade Sponsors “Hat Day” to Save the Rainforests

Second grade students at New Garden Elementary School have been diligently studying the environment. One of the culminating projects from this study was a fundraiser to save the rain forests. Students were asked to donate a dollar, and in turn, were allowed to wear any type of hat for the day. Two hundred and fifty-two dollars was raised as a result of this great event, and as you can see from the pictures, everyone had fun for a worthy cause.

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Student Spotlight: Reading Olympics

Fifth grade students at New Garden Elementary School have formed two teams to compete in the Chester County Reading Olympics in May. The students have been reading, taking Accelerated Reader quizzes, and practicing every week before school with Mrs. Kristi Pizzini, the school’s library media specialist and Reading Olympic coordinator. Student teams have been reading 45 books from different genres in order to compete at the county level. Help us cheer our teams on to victory.

students preparing for reading olympics

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