New Garden Students Participate in a STEM Activity

New Garden Elementary School students, under the supervision of Miss Sarah Squires and Mr. Troy Harris, participated in a STEM activity as part of the Kennett Consolidated School District’s Elementary Summer Academy. The activity called “Propeller Buggy,” asked each student to create a buggy out of balsa wood, axles, straws, and rubber bands. It was a week-long project that involved a lot of trial and error, as well as many trips to the “repair shop” to fix broken parts. Once the buggies were complete, Dr. Lydia Hallman assisted by testing the students’ work. On the last day of the Summer Academy, other classes watched the students demonstrate the propelling of the buggies. The students became invested in their creations, decorating them nicely, and future Summer Academy students were mesmerized and excited to see an activity that they may partake in the future.