New Garden Elementary School Students Raise Money for Those in Need

What started as a dream turned into a life-changing experience for two students at New Garden Elementary School.

Charlie and Brandt smiling.

Fifth grade students and best friends, Brandt Berger and Charlie Westphal have always known they wanted to make a difference and help others. So when they began talking about what they could do, Brandt and Charlie decided to call upon their school and classmates to join together and change the world.

Together, Charlie and Brandt developed the Sunglasses Fundraiser, a two-week event that invited students to donate money to a homeless shelter. As a reward, students who donated were allowed to wear their craziest sunglasses to school the next day.

“We just wanted to help people,” Brandt says. “Helping people is one of the greatest things we can do.”

Brandt is right—one the most valuable lessons children can learn is the importance of helping others who are less fortunate. At New Garden Elementary School, this value is taught every day. From schoolwide fundraisers to inspirational morning announcements, the New Garden Elementary School staff and Principal Mrs. Susan McArdle are dedicated to creating an environment that encourages students to be the best that they can be.

“Brandt and Charlie are inspirational young men,” says Mrs. McArdle. “When they reached out to me and explained that they wanted to organize a schoolwide fundraiser to help others, I was honored. I sat down with them and gave them the framework of how a fundraiser works, and they were off!”

With the help of their classmates, Charlie and Brandt raised $289.34 to be donated to His Mission Inc., a homeless shelter located in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania.

Charlie and Brandt’s service project is now inspiring other students to help the less fortunate. Two students, who were inspired by Charlie and Brandt’s Sunglasses Fundraiser, are now organizing New Garden Elementary School’s next service project, happening this January.