Mrs. McArdle Has a Positive Message for Everyone

This year at New Garden Elementary School, as we enter the building we are greeted with the quote of the day. These quotes are intended to inspire, encourage, and lift the spirits of everyone in the building … children and adults!

Our principal, Susan McArdle, got the inspiration for the quotes over the summer. “I have always been inspired and encouraged when I read a positive saying, especially when it becomes personally meaningful or you can say, ‘Oh my gosh! Isn’t that the truth! These could be words to live by!’”

The quotes that will be used this year will be short, simple, inspirational, cute, attention grabbing, and thought-provoking. Children need to be equipped with positive self-talk just as much as anybody else. So the next time you enter New Garden Elementary School, be sure to look for our daily quote board located outside the main office.