STEM Family Night

We are excited to announce the first annual STEM Family Night at Kennett Consolidated School District. We have created this fun filled evening to encourage dynamic interactions among family members and increase awareness regarding the STEM opportunities at Kennett.

The activities focus on applications of STEM principles that encourage families to build, create, and learn together.
Members of our staff and our students have volunteered to host a variety of stations. These stations include engineering challenges, liquid Nitrogen ice cream preparation, chemistry demonstrations, Blue Demon Robotics, dragster races, 3-D printing, math games, puzzles, and computer apps. The stations are designed so children ages kindergarten through 8th grade can explore the underlying principles of science and engineering.

The event will be hosted at Kennett Middle School on June 7th starting at 6:30 PM. The STEM Family Night is just one of a number of STEM opportunities we offer our Kennett children. We hope that you will consider joining us and share this experience with your children.

Please contact Dr. Lydia Hallman if you have questions or comments regarding the evening.

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Friday Night Live

Friday Night Live has become a tradition for New Garden Elementary School’s fifth grade students. It starts off in the afternoon where students read books of their choice and then run laps around the field. Once school is officially over at 3:40pm, students are divided into teams and fun activities are completed for the rest of the evening. Some of the activities included Hula Hoop Tic Tac Toe, Dodge Ball, Hershey Park Trivia, karate, and so much more. There was a Zumba class taught by third grade teacher Mrs. Gina Brodie, and even a dance party! The night ended when the water ice truck appeared and each student got their choice of a 9oz cup of delicious water ice.

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New Garden Has Talent

New Garden Elementary School’s students were afforded the opportunity to showcase how artistic they can really be at the annual talent show. More than 30 acts performed to a packed auditorium on a Friday night. Acts ranged from students singing and dancing all the way to a recital of the Periodic Table. It was a night of non-stop talent fun.

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Mr. Haddigan Gets a Surprise Visit

It was just another ordinary day for Mr. Timothy Haddigan. He was enjoying his lunch with his colleagues when all of a sudden, M20160413_133217rs. Barbara DeCarlo burst into the faculty lounge with a huge check for Mr. Haddigan. He applied for the proven practices grant from the Kennett Education Foundation and was selected to receive just more than $3,000 to purchase leveled readers for his class.  The grant will allow Mr. Haddigan to purchase 6 copies of 64 different books for a total of 384 new books. His students are very lucky. Congratulations!

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New Garden Bingo Night

New Garden Elementary School recently hosted it’s first Bingo Night. Over 200 people filled the school’s multi-purpose room to enjoy a Friday evening of fun and fantastic prizes. Each grade level created a basket that was raffled off throughout the night. There were several rounds of Bingo played and families enjoyed piping hot pizza and pretzels. Several staff members stayed and participated as well. Overall, everyone who came were winners because we all got to know each other a whole lot better.
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