Mrs. McArdle’s Writers’ Luncheon

Every month, writers from across the grades, enjoy a lunch date with our principal, Mrs. Susan McArdle. During this time, the students share a writing piece with the principal and their fellow writers. The writing pieces ranged from narrative to informational. One fifth grade student’s writing piece was a letter to their local congressman asking for protection for exotic animals. Another student wrote about their resolutions for 2016. As you can see, New Garden Elementary School has writers galore.

Principal Workshop 051Principal Workshop 060 Principal Workshop 050 

Principal Workshop 041Principal Workshop 034 Principal Workshop 056

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New Garden’s Winter Instrumental Assembly

New Garden Elementary School presented a fantastic winter instrumental assembly. Under the direction of Mrs. Elisa Mata, students in beginning strings played Welsh and Folk songs, while the fourth and fifth grade strings played works by Beethoven and Frank Rodgers. Mr. Eric Rutledge’s beginning, advanced and full band played traditional Folk and Hebrew songs.



NGInstrumentalWinterConcert2016_72 NGInstrumentalWinterConcert2016_62 NGInstrumentalWinterConcert2016_30 NGInstrumentalWinterConcert2016_26 NGInstrumentalWinterConcert2016_24 NGInstrumentalWinterConcert2016_10 NGInstrumentalWinterConcert2016_13 NGInstrumentalWinterConcert2016_14 NGInstrumentalWinterConcert2016_18 NGInstrumentalWinterConcert2016_19

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Mrs. McCoy’s and Mrs. Decker’s Classes Learn About Penguins

Students in Mrs. McCoy’s first grade class have been researching different types of penguins. To show what they have learned, they created a book with help from Mrs. Elizabeth Decker’s fifth grade students. The fifth grade students were amazed with all of the interesting facts about penguins.

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