Ms. Skopowski’s Art Class

Ms. Katherine Skopowski, New Garden Elementary School’s wonderful art teacher, creates FB_IMG_1453663423098-1FB_IMG_1453656741127beautiful lessons that allow FB_IMG_1453656781767the students to express themselves in various ways. There are a plethora of art pieces that span the hallways of the school. Here’s a sample of the great work produced by our students.

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Crime Victims Center of Chester County Visits New Garden

Third through fifth grade classes at New Garden Elementary School received a visit from The Crime Victims’ Center of Chester County. They were taught about the six types of bullying – Cyber, Physical, Verbal, Social, Visual, and Discrimination. 

The students learned why people bully in the first place.  victime7They do it for fun, because they hurt inside, for retaliation, because they are jealousy, to feel superior/status, or because they are insecure.  People also bully for power and control. The message that New Garden is a bully free zone so instead of being a “bystander,” we are encouraged to be an “upstander.” The students completed an activity call “Ha, Ha, So,” that helped them understand what they can do if they are bullied.

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Mrs. Hall’s and Mr. Harris’s Buddy Classes Celebrate “A Dream”

First grade students at New Garden Elementary School came together to celebrate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., his life, and his  dream of equality.


With the help of Mr. Harris’s fifth grade students, the first grade students read an informational book that described the work of Dr. King and how he impacted change. Mr. Harris’s fifth grade students then helped the younger students take their learning and thinking about Dr. King’s influence to another level.


The first grade students wrote about Dr. King’s dream for our world and then the students wrote about the dreams that they have to make the world a better place. A collaboration of thoughts turned into writing pieces that depicted a personal connection to Dr. King’s famous “I Have a Dream” speech. The older students then helped the first grade students design an artistic portrait of Dr. King to display alongside their writing. It was a great way to celebrate the life, work and legacy of such an amazing historical leader in history.          pic4                                 Pic2


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