Let’s Talk About Bus Safety

Getting students to school safely is a top priority at New Garden Elementary School. Therefore, last week, every class boarded a school bus with their teacher to review the bus rules. Principal Mrs. Elizabeth Weaver stressed the importance of the rules as a way to keep the students safe. All of the behaviors that are expected on the school bus were modeled for the students by their fellow students.

Now students know what a New Garden bus sounds and looks like. They sat in the seats as if the bus were moving. The teachers were allowed to sit in the driver’s seat to get a feel of what bus drivers endure during their daily trips. Teachers closed by reemphasizing how important it is to follow the bus rules and remain seated while the bus is en route.

Mrs. Weaver is expecting good reports from all of the bus drivers this school year.

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Buddy Classes: A Partnership that Benefits Everyone

Mrs. Kimberly Hall’s and Mr. Troy Harris’ classes have once again teamed up to be buddy classes for the 2019-2020 school year. This partnership benefits each grade. For the third grade students, they get an extra hand with their work and get to know other students in the building. For the fifth grade students, they get to practice being role models for their younger buddies.

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New Garden Has School Spirit

New Garden Elementary School held it’s first Spirit Assembly of the 2019-2020 school year. Mrs. Weaver, the new principal, kicked off the assembly with a school-wide morning meeting. She then informed everyone of important upcoming school dates. To everyone’s surprise, several teachers performed a choreographed dance routine; it was awesome! And of course, what’s a spirit assembly without the appearance of Buddy the Bulldog. It was a great day to start off the month of September.

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Growing Together: It’s a New School Year

The 2019-2020 school started off with many smiling faces. As soon as the first bus arrived, elated students waltzed off the buses into the hallways of New Garden Elementary School. There are many exciting things in store for the students this year. At New Garden Elementary School, students have four school-wide rules to follow and they are 1. Be safe; 2. Be kind; 3. Be respectful; and 4. Be responsible. It’s going to be a great year as everyone grows together.

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Kennett High School’s Athletic Council Visits New Garden

Kennett High School’s Athletic Council is a club that gives back to the community in various ways, such as reading to elementary school children and hosting various community nights. Members are athletes invited to join this club by the Athletic Director, Mr. Sean Harvey. At the end of the last school year, they visited New Garden Elementary School to help Mr. Troy Harris’s class edit and revise a narrative writing piece. The younger students enjoyed having another set of eyes look at their narrative pieces. It was a fun morning!

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Mrs. Gina Brodie’s “Keep the Quote”

Weekly, in Mrs. Gina Brodie’s class, students come up with quotes that are discussed throughout the week. Every Friday, the inspirational quote is awarded to the student who most personifies the saying. Mrs. Brodie’s students embraced this activity and it helped to build classroom community.

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Miss Erika Smith’s STEM Activity

Miss Erika Smith’s first grade class worked hard mastering nonfiction reading. These students read books and listened to read alouds all week. The culminating STEM activity was building igloos for penguins. Not only were the students engaged, they had fun and were excited to master a new skill.

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Read Across America Week at New Garden

Storybook Character Day was the culmination of an exciting Read Across America Week at New Garden Elementary School. Throughout the week, students participated in a multitude of fun activities centered around literacy. However, Storybook Character Day was by far the students’ favorite. The other theme days were:

  • Monday – “I’m Not Going to Get Up Today” and students wore pajamas.
  • Tuesday – “Beyond Zebra” day and students wore stripes.
  • Wednesday was “wacky” as all students were encouraged to wear their wackiest outfit.
  • Thursday was “Fox in Socks” day and students wore their favorite socks.
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Fifth Grade Philadelphia Trip

Fifth grade recently took a historical tour of Philadelphia. They visited historical places such as Betsy Ross’s house and the Liberty Bell. It was a day filled with fun and history. Students were also given a task to think about while in Philadelphia. Students had to use what they learned on this trip to think of a new name for the Philadelphia Flyers. This is the only sports team in Philadelphia that does not have a historical connection. This was a powerful learning experience.

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